GET READY FOR BÆRRIES – They really are the berries!

Our Danish liquorice Incredibles are enjoying the wonders of the Northern summer and feeling poetic about their latest sensational chocolate-coated liquorice offering, BÆRRIES, and we can’t blame them!

Pronounced ‘Berries’ or ‘Bairies’ with an airy Æ – the distinctive Sea Buckthorn and Red Currant flavours truly do capture the essence of summer with each delicious bite.

Read what the creators have to say about these ‘tiny yet sophisticated bites of nature’, soon to be gracing our shores and warming our winter woes away with their blissfully summery notes…

The best of times are spent outside and in good company, chasing and appreciating all senses of summer… Warm sand, bare feet, blue skies and balmy nights. The reeds are dancing in the wind of the gentle ocean breeze as time slows down and leaves all worries behind.


For us, the essence of summer is in the fine and delicate taste of BÆRRIES, in which the tart freshness of berries merges with sweet chocolate and liquorice created with patient attention and dedication.


From sweet and sun-kissed, orange sea buckthorn berries that sparkle from one end of the coast to another, to small glossy and sour red currant bushes, growing in granny’s backyard – each is a tiny, yet sophisticated bite of nature.


BÆRRIES are all about cozy get-togethers around the garden table when the berries we’ve found finally get served, and pleasant voices echo through the warm evening air…

So here you go. Summer for us, in all its essence. Chase, discover and enjoy your new favorite berries.

  (The author of this article has been fortunate enough to sample these little nuggets of joy and can attest to the fact that popping a few truly does transport one to a warm place in the sun ; ) )

Coming to South Africa this July in two delicious natural flavours:


Bushes of orange sea buckthorn berries sparkle from one end of the coast to the other and are known as the ‘lemon of the North’. In the bracing wind and faint sunlight, they take on a unique taste of their own. Sea Buckthorn lends a fresh distinctive acidity to the sweet liquorice and white chocolate, which is enclosed by a delicate, crispy sugar shell.


For this BÆRRIES edition, we have found delicate red currants growing at Sealand the largest island of Denmark. We have combined their sweet and slightly acidic notes with smooth white chocolate. One crisp bite of the thin, crunchy shell will reveal the creamy chocolate layers that envelop the sweet liquorice core.