Strawberry Ice-cream with Mint & Liquorice

We know ice-cream is a summery kind of thing and that we’re quickly heading towards cold, wet, wintery days but we just had to post this spectacular recipe for a liquorice ice-cream while there are still a few warm rays about! PLUS if you add the berries – you might be able to quaff this down under the auspices of treating yourself to a nourishing, vitamin boosting treat… ; )

But seriously, if you’ve had the pleasure of tasting LAKRIDS STRAWBERRY AND CREAM (LOVE 2020) you won’t need convincing that this old favourite is simply sensational when paired with liquorice!

Made with FINE LIQUORICE POWDER from the organic food line collection, we promise you won’t regret whipping this up!!


5 dl of cream (13%). Alternatively, you can use 3 dl whole milk and 2 dl of cream. (We didn’t’ know either so we looked it up and apparently ‘dl’ is a Scandinavian thing. See handy key chart below for conversions but 5 dl is equal to 2 cups)


120 g of sugar

7 pasteurised egg yolks

100-200g of strawberry (you can use either fresh or frozen)

10 mint leaves

For the topping:

Mint leaves and/or fresh berries topped with STRAWBERRY & CREAM CHOCOLATE COATED LIQUORICE (LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW)

Organic Fine Liquorice Powder
R185.00 Incl. VAT

Pulverised raw liquorice from organic liquorice roots that have been steamed and pressed. The taste is mild and aromatic, with a natural sweetness. It dissolves easily and can be used in fluids such as milk, coffee, oil, and also functions perfectly as a garnish on dessert or sprinkled in a sauce.

SMALL LOVE – Strawberry & Cream Chocolate Coated Liquorice, 125g
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A synergy between tangy, red strawberries, white soft cream and our own sweet liquorice. Exclusive white chocolate brings it all together, and the fresh and satisfying union is here to make you taste true, Danish love.


You can make this ice cream up until 2 days prior to serving.

In a pot, pour sugar, cream and LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW Fine Liquorice Powder and heat it up slowly until boiling and until the sugar has dissolved.

In the meantime, put the egg yolks in a bowl and carefully whisk it together with the hot cream. Add it little by little.

Pour the whisked mass back into the pot and carefully heat it up to roundabout 84-85C degrees. Use a thermometer.

When the cream starts to thicken, remove the pot from the heat. If you leave it for too long, it will become scrambled eggs!

Let the cream sit for 10-15 minutes and pour it through a strainer. Place it in the fridge.

Occasionally, stir the cream until it is completely cold.

When the cream is completely cold, blend it with the strawberries and mint leaves. Blend until you have a smooth texture.

Let the mass run on an ice cream machine until creamy and firm.

Put the ice cream in the freezer until serving.

Serve the ice cream with LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW STRAWBERRY & CREAM and fresh mint leaves on top!

TIP: You do not need to use an ice cream machine. Instead, you should put the ice cream in a bowl and place it in the freezer. Use a whisk to stir in the ice cream every 15 minutes until the ice cream is firm.


Handy DL-to-Cups Conversion Table

0,5 dl= 0,2 cups
1 dl = 0,4 cups
1,5 dl = 0,6 cups
2 dl = 0,8 cups
2,4 dl= 1 cup