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The Wally and Whiz Story

"WALLY and WHIZ is the story about careful Danish craftsmanship and a
love for winegums."

WALLY and WHIZ started in a small apartment in eastern Copenhagen back in 2015, where Kristian Them Hansen created the first ever WALLY and WHIZ winegum. The foundation for WALLY and WHIZ was (and still is today) a passionate love for winegums, but at the same time an
acknowledgement that the quality of most winegums did not do justice to the potential of the product.

Most winegums produced were, and still are, filled with gelatine from pigs, a vast amount of e-numbers, artificial colours and flavours, which leaves a highly unnatural, synthetic and uninspiring sense and taste experience. Not only is a large proportion of society not able to consume conventional
winegums (due to intolerances, religious beliefs or nutritional preferences), winegum fans of the world have been left with few high quality alternatives to their childhood beloved winegums. This acknowledgement became the initiation of a journey towards creating nothing less than the worlds best winegum.



A long and thorough job started in trying to finding alternatives in creating the texture of the winegum, without any types of animal additives or gluten.

Endless experiments with a large variety of ingredients were made, in order to reach as pure and natural a product as possible. This should prove to be a more difficult task than expected. The realisation that the process around stabilising a good winegum in the absence of above starches resulted in production failure after production failure. Not until several months of hard work was the perfect balance and process reached. A controlled process involving a small amount of corn starch as the only stabiliser, followed by a dehydration process lasting 72 hours became the cornerstone for our first winegum.


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From the beginning it was a clear desire to create tasting experiences of the highest class. Depth, complexity as well as natural recognisable flavours was to be paramount element, and there has hence never been a doubt towards using natural ingredients of the highest quality to realize our desired flavour combinations. Where synthetic flavours typically only encapture few chemical flavour nuances, real berries contain several hundreds of natural flavour nuances, which creates a far higher level of complexity and richness to the sense experience. In order to reach this level of depth in the tasting experience, we only use real natural fruits, berries, roots etc. which are often freeze dried or dehydrated at low temperatures in order to intensify the taste and preserve as high a level of the natural aromas and flavours nuances as possible. Besides from this, all our winegums are made as a complementary flavour combination. This is done in the way of having one flavour inside the winegum (first flavour mentioned on the front of the product), and another flavour in the outside coating of the winegum (second flavour mentioned on the product).



Sweets give joy across the world, but for us the challenge has from the beginning been, that large parts of society are excluded from the pleasure of indulging in many variants sweets. Gluten and lactose-intolerances limits a vast amount of people from enjoying chocolates, and caramels. Animal additives such as pig gelatin hinders consumption of most conventional winegums and marshmallows among vegans and muslims. Finally, an increasingly large proportion of society is showing intolerances towards synthetic additives and chemical substances, which again hinders the consumption of the more conventional sweets. With everything above in mind, it has been essential for us to create a winegum that would overcome these barriers, and make sure that WALLY and WHIZ should not simply be a tasting experience second to none, but also to make sure that as large a portion of society would be able to enjoy it. For this reason, all our products are hence gluten free, lactose free, free from animal additives (and hence vegan), as well as free from artificial colours and flavours. And all of this while in no way compromising on the flavour – quite the contrary.



The early days of thorough experimenting in East-Copenhagen started in an apartment filled with large bags with sugar, starches and all kinds of other ingredients. A natural association to a wizards workshop (hence the “Whiz”) was apparent, and quickly became our association to the high level of craftsmanship we dedicate to our products every single day. At the same time it reminds us that we are on an exploratory journey, and that quality for us is not a destination, but rather a constantly improving way of working in everything that we do. ‘Wally’ comes from ‘finding Wally’ – interpreted in our way. To us Wally represents our constant search for refined and unique flavour combinations in this great world of tastes we all live in. We wish to find unique experiences that puts an end to a mediocre approach towards what we eat, and want to set a higher bar for ourselves. We want to challenge ourselves and show the world that quality is far more important than quantity, and are not afraid to stand up for our vision, even though that means standing alone. To us ‘Wally’, represents the
uncompromising search for uniqueness we have embarked on and the strive for excellence in bringing pure and memorable tasting experiences to the world.